Weekly Illustrations – 3/3/12

Posted on March 3, 2012


After reading Corbett Barr’s post about the lost art of being good at things (and my subsequent thoughts on the topic), I decided should make some practical steps to learn new skills and become better at the things I already know.

One of the area I want to improve is my illustration skills. As I mentioned last month my grandfather influenced me at an early age to learn how to draw, and since then illustrating, whether with a pencil or on a computer, has been one of my passions. Unfortunately my illustration talents tend to wax and wane depending on my moods and schedule.

To remedy this I am challenging myself to produce an illustration each week, whether it’s a simple sketch or a complete design piece, in order to grow as an artist.

Since this is the first week I am implementing this feature on my blog (but really I am too lazy to create something new right now), here are some illustrations I made in the past few years. Please feel free to let me know what you think!

Here is an illustration of my friend Matt I did a few years ago.

Here are some still-life illustrations from my drawing class from last year.


All of this work is copyrighted by me. Please do not use any of these images without my permission.

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